Childcare shouldn’t be a “sink or swim” issue.


Childcare doesn't work for working parents. More and more parents are turning to their informal care networks, yet not enough attention is being paid to capturing, organizing, or innovating in this space.

Wiggle Room seeks to change all this.

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Meet Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room is a digital service and mobile app that enables working parents to capture, organize, and contact their informal childcare network with the click of a button.

We make it easy to respond quickly, which allows us to identify potential caregivers in minutes. We believe this will allow working parents to make in-the-moment decisions that maximize their time, money, and agency.

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About Us

We are women of color from tech, academia, and organizing who seek to leverage technology to find solutions to everyday challenges for working parents and break down structural barriers to equality.

Our team was formed at the 2018 Fellowship at Blue Ridge Labs of the Robin Hood Foundation.