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You’re Invited!

You’ve been invited to be a part of a parent’s support network.

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What does this involve?

You will receive occasional text alerts when this parent needs childcare support. You can easily accept or reject the request, no questions asked. Learn more at



What do I need to do now?

Simply reply  YES  or  NO  to accept this invitation!


Why WIggle Room?

Figuring out childcare can feel like an insurmountable challenge for parents, especially when they're in a pinch. Situations ranging from unexpected obligations at work, to emergency appointments, to just needing a night off, or wanting to run errands without a little one in tow—everyone parent needs a support network around them.

Wiggle Room brings trusted friends and family to parents’  fingertips when they need childcare, allowing people to show up for and support the parents and kids in their lives in real, concrete ways.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out at