Capture, organize, and activate your trusted network of family and friends with the click of a button.

Getting Started

Parents need childcare. Their friends and family want to help out—for free. Wiggle Room helps capture and grow this community and activates it when unplanned care needs arise.

Get started today with these two steps. It takes 10 minutes and costs nothing.




In order for Wiggle Room to find childcare for you, we need to know who’s in your network. 

Make a list of people you know and trust and share it with us here. (We won’t reach out without your permission.)



Save Wiggle Room’s number in your phone:



(806) 994-4453

Text it to see how making a childcare request works.


You’re all set! Time to start Wiggling!


When You Need Care



Text Your Request

Simply text “hi” (or “hey” or “hello”) to Wiggle Room at
80-MY-WIGGLE or (806) 994-4453

Our care bot, Wendy, has been programmed with lots of love to capture your childcare request.

Wendy will send your request to a coordination specialist, who will reach out to your network and manage logistics.


Confirm Your Caregiver

As our coordination specialists start getting responses, we check back in with you so you can confirm the best caregiver quickly!

About Wendy, our Care Bot

Our care bot, Wendy, will ask you the following questions about your childcare request:

  • Date: You can choose “today,” “tomorrow,” or “later.” (If you choose “later,” you will need to indicate which day.)

  • Time: You can enter any time parameters. Ex: “2:30-6:00pm,” “anytime in the morning,” “4:00pm until I get off work, probably around 9pm.”

  • Which child: Your child’s name, if you have multiple children.

  • Location: You can enter any addresses or neighborhoods. Ex: “In Harlem,” “at my apartment,” “My sister’s house at 123 Main Street.”

  • Any other details: Anything else we should know to send out a request. Ex: “I will leave money for a pizza,” “Make sure she does her homework.”

  • Who to reach out to: You will be able to choose which caregivers you want to reach out to about this specific request.




Hi there—

Parenting is hard. We believe it truly takes a village to raise a child. That’s why we created Wiggle Room—a virtual assistant that brings your support network to your fingertips when you need help with childcare! 

Wiggle Room is designed to connect you to your trusted friends and family who are willing (and often enthusiastic) to offer occasional childcare for free.

Have questions or need a little more help? Email us at or set up a 15-min call here.

With gratitude,

Jaime-Jin and Edwina

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  • What if I don’t have 10 people in my network?

    That’s okay! The idea is that Wiggle Room grows with you over time. We also will continue to prompt you to think creatively about who you might trust to watch your child.

  • Can I add people to my network later?

    As you think of more contacts, you can add them by emailing with their name and number in the subject line of the email.

  • What do the coordination specialists do?

    Our coordination specialists process your request and reach out to your network, based on what they know about you, your child, and your network. They make sure logistics like mealtimes, transportation, allergies—everything you’ve told us—gets conveyed to your caregiver.

  • What do the people in my network see when I make a request?

    Our coordination specialists send them a simple text that looks like this:

  • What if no one can watch my child?

    Unfortunately, there are times when no one is available. Even in this case (and perhaps, especially in this case), Wiggle Room aims to help you collect complete information for your network more efficiently and effectively than if you had to manage the whole process on your own.